Food for thought

As you can read in our Mission, we would like to encourage you to reflect! Here we offer you space and time to reflect on the quotes of the witnesses and the corresponding questions. You are also welcome to visit the memorial and answer these questions on the spot. What do you feel when you read the quotes? How do they make you feel? What does it all mean to you?

"It is just not a matter of course that you live in freedom, to live in peace, to move freely in Europe."
A. Fiedler

What dose freedom mean to you?

"You could already tell you were growing up on a dangerous frontier."
A. Mayr

How can we ensure that restrictions on freedom are not abused to consolidate power or oppress certain populations?

"You didn't know if the military was coming after they put down the students in Prague the day before."
R. Spitzlinger

What role does freedom play in a democratic society?