Memorial site

The memorial is an open-air museum with 7 display panels in German and Czech about the Iron Curtain era. A part of the Iron Curtain, a barbed wire fence, is also visible on site. In a project with the Linz Art University, further remains of the barbed wire were processed.

The exposed location away from the hustle and bustle of life offers the opportunity to create a place for thinking. Embedded in the terrain, it is part of the landscape, welcoming the visitor without taking him away from nature. Like a semi-cave, it offers an introverted place where the visitor can engage with the theme of divided Europe by reducing external influences. The materials used in the construction have been left as they are, so that they stand out from the surroundings but show their independent materiality. The orientation and a recess in the northern section of the site, which offers a specific view, refer to the location of the division at that time. The semi-cave is preceded by an open area that forms a connection with the structure of the ground with the roofing. It is used for arriving, for grasping the situation, but also for events relating to the theme. Inside, the events at the border in the immediate vicinity are documented in two languages.
– Prof. Architekt Dipl.-Ing. Albert P. Böhm
Architect of the memorial

Coordinates: 48.59221598025826, 14.179568181749001